Flexi Protection Account

If the Insured dies during the insurance period, he/she will be paid a cash benefit amounting to 100% of the Sum Insured plus cash value of investment results.

Terms & Conditions
Methods of premium payment may be selected as a single payment (all at once) or annually, semiannually, quarterly, monthly.
Premium payment period of 5 – 99 years
Basic Insurance Plan Period: Until the last day of 79 or 99 years of the Insured’s age
Insured Entry Age: 1 - 70 years.

1. Flexi Crisis 50/Flexi Crisis 50 Plus (select one)
2. Flexi Waiver Crisis 50
3. Flexi Waiver Disability
4. Flexi Accident
5. Flexi Payor Benefit
6. Flexi Payor Waiver Crisis 50
7. Flexi Hospital
8. Flexi Medical Care/Flexi Medicare Plus (select one)
9. Flexi Payor Term